Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper
Dust Cleaning Sweeper

Dust Cleaning Sweeper

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Dust Cleaning Sweeper is a dusting attachment that works with most vacuum cleaner. It features dozens of individual suction tubes that are small and flexible. 

Get to suck in dust with the power of a heavy duty vacuum cleaner and the flexibility of a tiny duster! Perfect for cleaning vent, keyboards, drawers, blinds, furniture and even fragile objects!



  • Dozens of miniature flexible suction tubes
  • Dust around small objects without moving them
  • Ideal for dusting around fragile objects
  • Reaches dust you can't normally reach
  • Universal adapter compatible with all vacuums


This product makes it possible for you to clean areas that were unthinkable before, from delicate objects to hard-to-reach corners, edges and grooves. Each one of us has his own special problem areas.

    "Here's what some of Our Happy Customers Dust Cleaning Sweeper"


    It got down into the crevices like a champ

     "I have been seeing these advertised for the past couple months and really wanted one. I used this yesterday in my car and I am impressed! It got down into the crevices like a champ! I have a toddler that loves to drop food everywhere and this thing had no problem getting into those difficult spaces! Wonderful product!."


    This has already saved me so much time cleaning! ...

     "This has already saved me so much time cleaning! Can vacuum out the junk drawer, all the gross little spots in my car, blinds, air vents etc. Works very well and fits perfectly on my vacuum.."


    Great for shutters and blinds!

     "This attachment even though it isn’t described as such, is fantastic in cleaning the dust from the shutters in my house. I am so glad I got this as this task has always been frustrating but now it is super easy. The only downfall is that it is a bit hard to hold it in a comfortable angle to get at the lower areas but I believe that is more of a problem due to my vacuum and the fact that the hose is not as flexible. Definitely glad to have found this. Not too sure about some of the other reviews about not fitting other vacuums especially the Dyson which is what I have and it fits perfectly.."


    The Dust Daddy is awesome!

     "The Dust Daddy is awesome! I have baseboard heat and inside gets so dusty. The regular vacuum attachments are too big to fit, but this attachment is perfect! The little tubes are plastic but easy to move a few in different direction to fit a few in a very small space. It fits my dirt devil hose no problem. I'm sure there will be so many more place I find to use the dust daddy!."


    Five Stars

     "I hate having to dust my blinds, and this little jewel tackled the problem in flash!."


    So handy!

     "I got this to use at work as I am always eating at my desk and somehow there is always crumbs in my keyboard..... weird right? hahha! Well, it actually is super cool and works great because the individual tube fibers fit between tiny cracks and get around corners that just using a regular vacuum wouldn't reach. Normally I just leave it there or try to use a wipe or something but this is so much better."


    Absolutely LOVE this dust daddy

     "Absolutely LOVE this dust daddy. I used this for the Xbox and the ps4 to get the dust out of the fans without blowing it back in. Worked really great for that. Attached well to my cheap ole vacuum and is pretty durable, my kids put it to the test. This is also super handy for those hard to reach spots like between the wall and fridge.."


    The vacuum tool I've been looking for.

     "I recently saw a commercial for this and I knew it was the attachment I've been needing forever. I have base board heaters that are extremly hard to clean and crevaces in my car that regular vacuum tools can't reach. This weekend in preparation for Easter dinner I did some deep cleaning and the Dust Daddy worked well for getting the years old dust out of my baseboard heaters. I also used it to suck up the little crumbs that find their way into my silverware drawer. Very easy to use.."


    Durable yet flexible

     "I was skeptical at first but willing to try. This thing has been amazing. It picks up everything. If the stuff can't for up the tubes, it holds it so I can grab it. Great for corners of drawers and cabinets.."


    I am pretty lazy to clear everything out from my cabins and ...

     "I am pretty lazy to clear everything out from my cabins and then vacuum everything in there but after getting this...it's a whole different story. I don't need to move anything around or take out and i just use it to vacuum small particulars away! and it's easy to use just plug it into any vacuum head and clean away!."